Bellies and Ankles: What’s Your Story?

I’ve recently taken a little more interest in my ankles and belly. First, the belly. Fifteen months ago, I was excited to join long lost friends for 35th Year High School reunion. One of the votes taken at the post-reunion evaluation was “the man with the biggest belly award”. Opinion was divided. Everyone was over 50, […]

Know Your Health Flag

Dido’s White Flag song was about ‘going down with the ship of love’ with no plans to surrender. A chequered flag heralds the winner of a race as many Formula 1 motor racing fans know and the green flag denotes high standards of parks and green spaces. Red flag symptoms in Medicine are always of […]

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly

I saw a patient in clinic the other day and she told me on exploration of her presenting complaint that she probably drank a little more than she should. She offered to do something about it after Christmas but agreed for us to jointly calculate her average weekly alcohol consumption. Her conservative estimate was 92 units […]