Undestanding Halitosis

Dr Hector          |                Halitosis.     What is halitosis? It simply means bad breath. Everyone knows someone who has bad breath and it is a difficult thing to do – telling a close friend his or her breath smells. Sadly, some people are acutely aware […]

In Your Hands

By Dr. Hector           |              One of my lovely patients, an octogenarian with a delightful sense of humour has a parting shot whenever he comes to the clinic. He says, “Doctor, whatever you do, please don’t grow old!” Another older friend who did not want […]

Whats Your Number?

By Dr. Hector     | When was the last time you took you car for a check? Most of us service our cars and do ‘MOT’ annually. It is surprising that with the human machine, we are less likely to make any effort. So where do you lie on the continuum, from one extreme characterised by “I […]

The Perfect Score

By Dr Hector | The 100th number has never been more relevant to me than in the last few weeks. There is indeed something special about it. Imagine your child coming home with a 100% score in a test paper! 100% represents perfection, a zero margin of error, no impurities in a product … Did […]

Ten Minutes with the Doctor

by Dr. Hector    | A little over twenty years ago, a colleague of mine wrote a moving article, ‘You lie there naked. Lessons from a lesion.’ Booster as he was fondly called, a vivacious medical student at the time was diagnosed with lung cancer and was admitted in hospital for surgery. That article was […]

Prevention of Chronic Kidney Disease

Dr. Ibi Erekosima               | “What you need to know” Our kidneys perform a number of vital tasks. The most important and obvious is the production of urine whereby the kidney excretes waste and toxins and regulates the amount of fluid within the body. This is important for maintaining […]